“In France, food is a lifestyle. People make time for it during their daily rituals, and bread is no exception.
The term boulangerie is reserved for stores that mix, knead and bake their dough on site.
The French take bread so seriously that every city, town and village must have a boulangerie by law.”



In France, food is a lifestyle. People make time for it during their daily rituals, and bread is
no exception.

The term boulangerie is reserved for stores that mix, knead and bake their dough on site. The French take bread so seriously that every city, town and village must have a boulangerie by law. Remote locations are exempt from the rule and instead display a depot de pain* sign, indicating that loaves are baked off site and delivered
fresh, daily.

Like the French, we take bread seriously. Depot de Pain upholds traditional values at all times, using high quality ingredients and displaying honesty when noting the origin of our products. Originally, our baked goods came from iconic, artisan bakery French Fantasies in South Yarra (now Depot de Pain). Today we are proud to offer our customers products from the expanded and more versatile Empire Bakery.[/one_half][one_half_last]Since the first Depot de Pain opened in 2010, our customers have enjoyed fine French bakery products and genuinely classic dishes, such as omelettes and Croque Monsieur for breakfast, quiches and Niçoise salad for lunch, beef bourguignon for dinner, and sweet and savoury crêpes whenever inclined. Our reputation for full-bodied coffee and carefully crafted cakes continues to grow, while our house-cooked, ready to eat meals and accompanying wines never fail to pleasantly surprise.

*Depot de Pain is pronounced depo de puh – the ‘t’ in depot is silent and the ‘ain’ in pain is a short, nasal sound that doesn’t exist in English.[/one_half_last]


Fresh bread is an everyday luxury. Nothing can replicate the aroma of a loaf straight from the oven, or the heat that penetrates the paper bag as you hold it close. Depot de Pain takes pride in serving French-style bread such as crusty baguettes, as well as the thinner fiscelle and classic pain de mie. Other popular specialty products include our fruit loaf, sourdough, rye and a selection of sandwich and dinner rolls.

If you absolutely, unconditionally must have Depot de Pain bread on the weekend, make sure you pick it up early or place an order using our subscription service.


If you’ve been to Paris, you know that pâtisseries always have the most extraordinary window displays. If you haven’t been to Paris, Depot de Pain can provide you with a taste of what makes them so special.

Our sweet selection balances tradition and innovation, combining classic techniques and contemporary flavours. We offer an ever-changing menu of French cakes and tarts including our layered opera gateau, classic lemon tart, delicate mille-feuille, and a range of macarons and eclairs.

For special occasions and celebrations, Depot de Pain provides a wide assortment of cakes in sizes to suit individual needs. As an alternative, we also offer croquembouche towers created from scratch: a luscious pyramid of cream-filled choux pastry spheres united with finely spun threads of caramel.

Salon de Thé

The first salon de thé appeared over 150 years ago when cafes were becoming a lavish affair populated by Paris’ upper class. Parisian cafés began to merge with pastry shops providing a space where people could socialise freely other than a literary salon. Today a salon de thé remains a place where people can meet over pastries, tea and coffee, as well as enjoy lunch and small dishes.

Parallels can be drawn between salons de thé in Paris and top Melbourne cafés. At the heart of both is integrity in the form of food and service. Both boast a vast selection of sweet and savoury products, premium coffee prepared by experienced baristas, and a comprehensive menu of black and herbal teas. Our salon de thé is no exception, offering all of the above in a warm, French-inspired environment with full table service.

On weekends, when your day is free from time constraints, spoil yourself or someone who deserves it with Depot de Pain’s High Tea. Our exclusive menu – best enjoyed with French champagne or wine – showcases our bakery products, sandwiches and sweet treats in miniature form, so you can sample just that little bit more.


Almost every French village is home to a traiteur, a store that lets you enjoy restaurant-standard food at home. You’ll find a contemporary interpretation of a traiteur at Depot de Pain, catering to the often-rushed inner city Melbourne lifestyle. Our handmade chef’s products are perfect for an effortless dinner or picnic lunch, while our traiteur range extends well beyond baked goods. Expect cassoulets and casseroles, soups and salads, and pomme puree and dauphinoise; as well as everything from house-smoked salmon, tapenade and anchoiade, to pâtés, terrines and chutneys. We believe everyone should be able to experience wine with French roots, which is why our traiteur includes a cellar. Best enjoyed with our selection of classic fromage and charcuterie, you can pick up a bottle as a last minute gift or to accompany a memorable, homemade meal. The varieties we stock are so reasonable they’ll have you crying, “c’est donné!”


After a touch of culinary French elegance at your next event? Depot de Pain offers a full catering service. Choose from any of our bakery products in either full or miniature size, including sweets, savouries and specialty cakes. Suitable for home celebrations, parties and office events for anywhere from 20 guests to over 100.

Vin Vin

Vin Vin, pronounced ven ven and meaning wine, is a casual wine bar open all day and serving hors d’oeuvres, charcuterie, fine cheese and classic French meals. It celebrates the simple sophistication of French food and wine and extends the operating hours of the much-loved café and pâtisserie into the evening.

First launched at our Hawthorn location, the new Vin Vin is stocked with French-themed beverages, including imported beer and cider, apéritif cocktails and pastis – a classic anise flavoured liqueur.

The style of service is knowledgeable but unpretentious. Every bottle of wine at Vin Vin has been handpicked by in-house sommeliers, and each drop has made the journey from France or has a “French Connection”, where the winemaking process is true to French methods and regions.

The new menu also features the famous Tarte Flambée. Originating in the Alsace region of France, the term translates to ‘pie baked in flames’. Village bakers would test the heat of their wood-fired ovens with the dish before baking their bread, causing its crusts to emerge blackened by flames. Traditionally made with bread dough, fromage frais, onions and lardons, it’s best likened to pizza, but such a description doesn’t do Tarte Flambée justice. We proudly promote the heritage of the original Tarte Flambée, adding our own interpretation while still cooking with
classic French toppings.

*Vin Vin and the serving of alcohol is not available at the
Black Rock location


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